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Just start to read – I want to plant a seed – no time to stop and think we’re going full speed – one simple aim, progress, proceed – forget what you want, forget what you need – we’re doing good so far true indeed – we’ve got to keep it up, can’t stop to feed – just stay focussed, follow my lead – keep an orderly line we don’t want a stampede – people will get hurt, they’ll bruise, they’ll bleed – don’t be selfish there’s no place for greed – just follow the path, I beg, I plead – I know what I say, so when I speak take heed – we can do this together, on that we’re agreed – we have to love one another if we are to succeed – we’ve done it my friends, we’ve arrived, we’re freed.

…and I find myself amazed

all this creativity has me dazed

This award means a lot

Though I act like I’m unfazed


I would like to nominate Acoustic3


About The Oldstrong

"At the end of the day, day My momma told me don't let no one break me, let no one break me At the end of the day, day, Nobody, nobody, ever could stop me, ever could stop me At the end of the day, day You can't regret it, if you were trying, if you were trying At the end of the day, day I'm walking with a heart of a lion, yeah"
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19 Responses to Follow Me

  1. Gerry says:

    Loving the work – it’s awesome. What a talent!

  2. Tom says:

    This is really great stuff!! Keep it comming!

  3. katherine says:

    What a great poem for children. I’m loving the way you have written it and the subject matter – excellent stuff!

  4. Jodie says:

    This is my favourite, I really like it. Very emotive. Seriously good stuff.

  5. Christopher Walker says:

    Good work. It’s been said above already, but keep it coming!

  6. Laura says:

    Great to read by both children and adults alike, it’s the sort of values we try to instill with the young but packaged in an accessible blend of rhyme and rhythm : )

  7. Dwayne Lopez says:

    this is a really really good poem i like the part especially where you said ” we have to love one another if we are to succeed – we’ve done it my friends, we’ve arrived, we’re freed” keep up the good work.

  8. H Hadfield says:

    Very well written, excellent content and message – can’t wait to read your next group of poems! When are you going to post some more?

  9. danny tammuz says:

    freed but still waiting freedom.

    i like,,,!!!

  10. This is such good work keep it coming looking forward to reading more

  11. freedom is like food, we always want more.

    superb message.

  12. That’s great ! loved the ending rhymes and sounds like a song

    You are the poet of this week in jingle poetry 🙂

  13. Baishali says:

    brilliant! well chosen by G Garden as the poem of the wk. all the best 🙂

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