Rich men

Waging war

Losing lives

Only the poor

Warring for oil

Warring for pride

A just war?

You decide.


About The Oldstrong

"At the end of the day, day My momma told me don't let no one break me, let no one break me At the end of the day, day, Nobody, nobody, ever could stop me, ever could stop me At the end of the day, day You can't regret it, if you were trying, if you were trying At the end of the day, day I'm walking with a heart of a lion, yeah"
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19 Responses to Justified?

  1. adam rae says:

    Amazing Bro,

    simple and powerful

  2. jeffers says:

    Don’t think i’ve read this one before but i like! simple, to the point and a good war/ethics discussion starter, especially if you’re using it in class.

  3. Katherine says:

    I think it’s amazing how simply you have put across the point that war is a rich man’s response to something they can’t have (like oil) and how it’s the poor that fight and loose everything as a result. Pride is a stronger emotion than maybe we think!

  4. antomaniax says:

    I agree with The cello string!!

  5. If it were only that simple. Oil is but a pawn in the overall scheme of things. Money and power, no matter their shape or substance, are the things men ask other men to kill and die for. Very good write, Lee.

  6. shanyns says:

    Single points, like headlines, asking the questions with answers too complex. Nicely done.

  7. Well done. It gets to the point like a rapier.

  8. War goes on and on, no one really has the answers.The innocent keep asking.Thought provoking lines.

  9. Lu Ann says:

    So not fair! But this is the world we live in… so bad we cant really do a lot, right? Who´s gonna make the rich men poor? Who´s gonna make the poor wealthy?

    Happy Rally!

  10. Love it. The feel and it’s pace–excellent. What I also like is it’s short in length. To me it strengthens the poem. Again, love it.

  11. You now have a new fan! Brilliant! Consider my Free Write Friday…would love to have you contribute! 🙂

  12. very enjoyable, keep it up.

  13. lee says:

    i like it! powerful words. i walk away from here thinking…

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