Where Next?

Mum and dad junkies

Left in the crib alone

Where next?

Taken into care

Passed from home to home.

Where next?

Five years old at school

Worst behaviour in the class.

Where next?

Always getting the blame

Deteriorating fast.

Where next?

Emotionally deprived

So he lashes out

Where next?

Teachers don’t try to see

All they do is shout.

Where next?

His teachers have failed him

Low ability for his age

Where next?

Loves comic books…

…can’t read the words on the page.

Where next?

Can’t read or write

Wants to make a living

Where next?

Failed by the system

In your judgement be forgiving.

Where next?

Why apply for jobs

He doesn’t have a hope.

Where next?

Off to the streets

Making money selling dope.

Where next?

Not yet fully grown

Buys a gun for protection.

Where next?

Possession of a deadly weapon

Sent to a facility for correction.

Where next?

On the inside

Surrounded by others like him

Where next?

Back on the outside

He dives straight back in

Where next?

Disillusioned with life

Starts injecting his own stuff.

Where next?

Had to fund his habit

Now he’s sleeping rough.

Where next?

Finds a girl that’s hooked

…soon becomes his lady

Where next?

Lack of inhibitions

Inevitably a baby

Where next?

Begging for money

On the streets they roam.

Where next?

Mum and dad junkies

Left in the crib alone.


About The Oldstrong

"At the end of the day, day My momma told me don't let no one break me, let no one break me At the end of the day, day, Nobody, nobody, ever could stop me, ever could stop me At the end of the day, day You can't regret it, if you were trying, if you were trying At the end of the day, day I'm walking with a heart of a lion, yeah"
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11 Responses to Where Next?

  1. adam rae says:

    Strong Stuff, man

    I enjoyed the journey and the sadness of the full circle

  2. Aaron Harris says:

    And so the cycle continues… That’s why there’s so many Gremlins running around the streets causing havoc. The baby left in the crib is just a product of our sick society. The system is so diseased we need a vaccine to cure it!

    Good read. Keep up the good work!

  3. A beautiful piece of poetry. What a irony of life, and what a great observation. And also, thank you very much for adding us in your Blog.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences through your blog, I have never had the priviledge of such an experience myself so your blog has brought me that little bit closer. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, an all too frequent and sad observation.

  4. Jingle says:

    fun read.

  5. Frameeyes says:

    I like how this goes round full circle. Good stuff.

  6. Pat Cegan says:

    Your poem took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I work with these children who struggle with the disabilities and emotional problems often brought on by prenatal addiction. The family problems are so great, that one hardly knows how to make a difference. But I can tell you that loving these children makes a difference. Even if they only get love during our sessions, they tell me it keeps them going when they return to unimaginable environments. You have captured this so beautifully in your poems. Thank you. Keep writing, keep loving. We never know how much we help with simply caring and love. Hugs, pat

  7. Here in a little place in North India, a few of us friends are trying to reach out to some children, not exactly kids abandoned by parents addicted to drugs , but who are marginalised because of acute financial hardships of families. It’s just a drop in the ocean and it is supported by many,.many people who still have the sensibilities to try and make a difference to these lives:


    Th e rest of us who are fortunate , need to commit. Every child deserves to live with dignity and happiness. Give a child the wherewithals of a solid childhood and the rest can be said his or her responsibility. Else , we as a community are responsible for what happens to their lives afterwards.

  8. stunning stuff.

    Invite you to join poetry potluck week 45 today,
    Any poems (1 to 3) related to nature and life are welcome!
    Bless you.

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