Mixed Race

What is mixed race?

One parent black the other one white

Are you a white person that’s dark

Or a black person that’s light?

You feel an affinity to both

Are you defined by your skin?

When push comes to shove

Who will accept you as kin?

If you claim only one half

What happens to the other?

If you call yourself white

Can you also be a brother?

In the eyes of society

You’ll always be black

Except when you’re successful

Take at look at Barack

It used to be mulatto

Let me give your mind a jog

Now it’s mixed race

Like you’re half cat and half dog.

A World full of colour

It forces you to decide

Giving more time to your skin

Than the person who’s inside.

Through your veins white blood

On the surface a brown face

They call you mixed what?

Aren’t we the human race?

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Rich men

Waging war

Losing lives

Only the poor

Warring for oil

Warring for pride

A just war?

You decide.

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You Choose

Enlarge your knowledge

Reverse your thinking

Fragment to ascend

Repeat it’s all linking

Puncture your soul

Combine with another

Interlock become whole

Crush your pride

Shed your ego

Superimpose nothing

Interweave what we know

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My body will age

Wither and fade away

My thoughts given substance

They will always stay

The words that I’ve written

Each and every line

Enduring and ageless

Immune to the test of time

A piece of myself

A hint of my soul

Giving you an idea

You can never know the whole

A snapshot of my thoughts

My own creative journal

Even after I’m gone

Through my words I’m eternal.

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Follow Me

Just start to read – I want to plant a seed – no time to stop and think we’re going full speed – one simple aim, progress, proceed – forget what you want, forget what you need – we’re doing good so far true indeed – we’ve got to keep it up, can’t stop to feed – just stay focussed, follow my lead – keep an orderly line we don’t want a stampede – people will get hurt, they’ll bruise, they’ll bleed – don’t be selfish there’s no place for greed – just follow the path, I beg, I plead – I know what I say, so when I speak take heed – we can do this together, on that we’re agreed – we have to love one another if we are to succeed – we’ve done it my friends, we’ve arrived, we’re freed.


…and I find myself amazed

all this creativity has me dazed

This award means a lot

Though I act like I’m unfazed


I would like to nominate Acoustic3


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  • To feel hostility or animosity toward
  • To detest.

I don’t use the word

Hate means to detest

I think if I try really hard

I really don’t like you at best.

What would one have to do?

To stir up feelings so strong

To cause such feelings of hostility

It would have to be something so wrong.

It’s as strong a word as love

Which it makes it more of a curiosity?

How can you hate a whole people?

What causes the animosity?

To hate a complete stranger

To really loathe another

In another situation

That man could be your brother.

If it can happen with love

Is there hate at first sight?

Look deep into your soul

See for yourself it’s not right.

Despite our varied appearance

We are all the same inside

This is cause for celebration

Not a reason to divide.

If you let hate into your heart

It’ll start to consume your soul

Then what will you have left?

Nothing but an empty hole.

We are black, brown, and white

Ginger, blonde and brunette

I’ve looked for a reason to hate

I’m glad I’ve not found one yet.

Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism

Islam, Hinduism, Christianity

Is that enough cause for hate

Surely you see that’s insanity?

It’s time we put this behind us

One life, one Earth, one Sun

We’re endless in our differences

And yet we are one.




  • A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward another person.
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Vicious Cycle

Maybe I do have a low ability,

But it doesn’t reflect my capability.

I’ll never amount to anything,

Is that what you want to instil in me?

I want you to want me to do well,

That’s the only way I’ll excel.

Help me to be courageous,

Help my confidence to swell.

If I don’t feel I’m respected

I’ll behave worse than expected.

It’s a vicious cycle,

In the end I’ll be ejected.

Don’t you want me to believe?

Help me to believe.

You’re my surrogate parent

Help me to achieve.

I’m not the smartest if we’re realistic

But we can still be optimistic.

Have high expectations of me

I’m not just another statistic.

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He opens his eyes but he sees only black

Dazed and confused he whispers “I’m back!”

He pushes and pushes it’s so hard at his age

But his persistence pays off, the wood’s old and decayed

As the lid starts to move, his ambition swells and it grows

He wants to go back, back to the life that he knows

His hands clear the dirt, his fist punches the air

“I did it, I did it, I’m back, I’m here”

He coughs and he splutters he struggles with breathing

Coughs up a slug, a worm and now he’s heaving

“Better slow down, I’ve not long been around

Better take my time or it’s back in the ground!”

He dusts off his clothes runs his hands through his hair

He should feel relief but he feels only fear

There’s no one to turn to he feels so alone

He’s looking down at his coffin down at his headstone?

Overcome with shock he breaks into a run

“What’s happening to me, what have I become?”

Am I a zombie, a vampire, a creature of the night?

I’m a righteous man so I’ll do what’s right.

He holds up his head and turns back around

Ignores all his senses, every smell, every sound

Back to his gravestone he jumps six foot under

He pulls the lid back on and the dirt crashes like thunder.

“What brought me back, witchcraft, voodoo or maybe black magic?

I had my time, now it’s over, how tragic.”

He takes a deep breath, then exhales and he sighs

In the cycle of life everything lives then it dies

He was clever in life, in death he’s still wise

So he lays back his head and he closes his eyes.

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