Under My Bed

Lift up the mattress

Move aside the slats

Clear away the cobwebs

Brush aside the rats

Exotic mushrooms

Undiscovered breeds of trees

Multicoloured streams

Tropical disease

These are just some of the things under my bed

I’d make a trip down there

….But I’d rather live instead

You’re welcome to venture into this twilight zone

You’d better be prepared

You’ll be going it alone

I went down there once

Down to that place

Never again

You see this scar on my face?

I was ducking and dodging

Just trying to survive

Battered, bruised and broken

Barely made it out alive

Crawling on my stomach

Sneaking past cannibals

Running full speed

Pursued by all kinds of animals

Met the dinosaur king

He was a T-rex

Got bashed by an ogre

Guess what happened next?

He knocked me off a cliff

I could do nothing but scream

Woke up in my bed

It was all just a dream.

I’m going to tell the truth

I slightly twisted the facts

If you look under my mattress

You won’t find any slats!


2 Responses to Under My Bed

  1. love it, tickling lines.


    welcome back with more humor and talent.

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