Did I ever really know the meaning of beauty?

When I met Beauty she changed the definition of beauty

Pleasuring my every sense

A fleeting glance as much as I dare…an eternity within a moment

So I turn my back…I hear her… voice so soft…tormenting

Close my eyes I can’t bear it…her scent…surrounding me…commanding me to open my eyes

Her touch

Her taste…rain drops on my tongue

I can only imagine

Beauty beyond my reach so I search for imperfection,

My eyes are met with…beauty

Human flaws I find and focus upon

Use them to tear her down.

No use

Now she’s vulnerable…cute…human


Poetry in motion

My affection…tear drops in the ocean

A smile…a sigh

A parting hug


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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 38 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The pen is mightier than the sword

True…but not in my case

My pen is the sword

and me…

 I’m a lion,

My head adorned with a mane of ideas

Picking words from anywhere


I take that back

Picking is for vultures…scavengers


I GRAB my prey

I’m a KING

I… have my way

But on the other hand

These letters

These words

are my cubs

and I watch my cubs play

This is my pride.

I’ll rear them

They’ll grow stronger

so that they need me no longer

And on that day

…my letters ROAR!

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Ethnic cleansing taking place

The US aiding racist factions

The first black president overseeing these actions

A supposed intervention to protect civilians

In reality the arming of racist minions

America achieving its motives by starting fights

Goals more important than the abuse of human rights

…human? …right!

Sub-Saharan African

…beneath the Saharan people

Therefore definitely not seen as equal

The makings of genocide

Echoes of Nazi Germany

A particular people forced to hide

The result of efficient propaganda

Journalists fired for telling the truth in Uganda

Labelled as mercenaries

Black skin concealing the mercenary within

Spreading rumours of rape used as a weapon in an effort to win

Appealing to base racism

What once was home now becomes prison

Hiding in need of vital supplies

But daren’t venture out they fear for their lives

Hundreds of black faces holed up in hiding places

“It was safer before!”

Say the Libyan black

Before America came

…they said the same in Iraq

Honest workers cut down with axes and pruning shears

Still facing mob justice after all these years

Hanging on a meat hook

Lynched from a street lamp

What’s next rounded up in some sort of camp?

There’ve been no condemning statements

Has the situation been reviewed?

Have UN leaders seen the videos on youtube?

European countries fear a mass black immigration

Maybe they hope these xenophobic attacks will solve the situation

Do they allow the cleansing to occur and lower the black population?

From Africa to Europe…Libya the stepping stone

The state of affairs in their favour so they leave well alone

Tawergha a transit town during slave trade

The mostly black inhabitants

Targetted by the purging of slaves and black skin brigade

It’s apparent that NATO don’t really care, assisting their advance with strikes from the air

Racist rebel leaders making it clear

Blacks better leave town, once the area is taken they’ll burn it to the ground

Claiming to fight for freedom and equality for all

Yet don’t want blacks working there or sending their kids to school

Do we live in a world where the value of black lives is so low?

Based on these events…apparently so.

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Lightning strikes behind my eyes

Thunder crashes my brain

I enter the void

My muscles spasm, contract beyond my capability

…hard like steel

I couldn’t tell you what I feel

I am absent…

…where am I?

I’m in the void.

Talk to me, my body responds

My mouth, my breath, my voice…but not me

If not me then who?

I remember nothing

Awaken to fear

Trembling, new to this world

Though I’ve been here for years

Breathless, exhausted, confused, afraid

Face stained by tears


my strength has abandoned me

I try to walk

My first step harder than my first steps.

It’s happened many times before

Yet each time is the first…

…Each time is the worst.

My story never ending

Mr words never pretending

My poetry…my experiences

To each other are lending

I would like to nominate nochipa

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Yes there are underlying issues

Police powers misused

This is not about unemployment

Youths rioting for enjoyment

For the want of new trainers from JD’s

In a few weeks there’ll be back with their CV’s

Burning a man’s shop that he’s worked hard to stock

You need to stop and pause…are you fighting for a cause?

At the scene of Mark’s death only three reefs

Seems you guys rioting are just dyamn TIEFS

News coverage focused on Ealing

Covering affluent areas more appealing

Those areas that are not considered the nicest

Are left alone to their own devices

Pack animals running with their mates

Like a scene from Rise of the Apes

Come together and take a stand

To show them that WE WILL NOT STAND

….for the rape of the place we call home

One man cannot do this alone

I for one am willing to oppose the few

….For if not me… then who?

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A young man lost his life…to violence

The people took to the street to protest,

We have the right to march…

…to protest

…to riot!?

To cause destruction!?

To loot, to steal…like a thief

It beggars belief

There must have been a miscommunication

The rights benefitted us as citizens of this nation

The real people and when I say real

I mean the ones who are not out to steal

…Have long fled

Their cause has been perverted by these violent…petty…thieves

They don’t realise how easy they have it in the UK

Jail a comfortable stay

Even during recession life here is easier than most around the globe

These vultures…organising this outlandish behaviour via technology…

Facebook and Blackberry Pings collaborating at high speed…to sate their greed

Exploiting the situation….what could have been an opportunity to unite, to voice dissatisfaction at an ongoing situation…to be heard…

….be constructive!? Absurd!!!

Setting fire to a bus…why!?

Setting fire to property

Wrecking the livelihood of individuals who have worked hard to build something for themselves

To provide a service for the community

Severe punishment…no impunity

Harsh consequences to bring them to their senses…

…for this senseless…violence

There’s fighting for a cause but this isn’t it

Violence begets violence

Always casualties

Followed… by



For those who don’t know, a young man was shot dead by the police in Tottenham North London (UK). People took to the streets to protest and demand justice. The shooting was the catalyst for rising tensions due to the police treatment of youths…mainly those from ethnic minorities. This behaviour from the police is not limited to North London and is common all around London, having experienced it a LARGE number of times myself living in South London. However that aside this poem is in reaction to those who have used it as an opportunity for disgusting behaviour…for crime. In the time taken to write this poem riotting has started in Lewisham…a five minute drive from where I live in one direction and a bus has been set on fire in Peckham…a five minute drive from where I live in the other direction.

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Where Next?

Mum and dad junkies

Left in the crib alone

Where next?

Taken into care

Passed from home to home.

Where next?

Five years old at school

Worst behaviour in the class.

Where next?

Always getting the blame

Deteriorating fast.

Where next?

Emotionally deprived

So he lashes out

Where next?

Teachers don’t try to see

All they do is shout.

Where next?

His teachers have failed him

Low ability for his age

Where next?

Loves comic books…

…can’t read the words on the page.

Where next?

Can’t read or write

Wants to make a living

Where next?

Failed by the system

In your judgement be forgiving.

Where next?

Why apply for jobs

He doesn’t have a hope.

Where next?

Off to the streets

Making money selling dope.

Where next?

Not yet fully grown

Buys a gun for protection.

Where next?

Possession of a deadly weapon

Sent to a facility for correction.

Where next?

On the inside

Surrounded by others like him

Where next?

Back on the outside

He dives straight back in

Where next?

Disillusioned with life

Starts injecting his own stuff.

Where next?

Had to fund his habit

Now he’s sleeping rough.

Where next?

Finds a girl that’s hooked

…soon becomes his lady

Where next?

Lack of inhibitions

Inevitably a baby

Where next?

Begging for money

On the streets they roam.

Where next?

Mum and dad junkies

Left in the crib alone.

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Land of the Rising Sun

Earthquake, tsunami

Then came radiation

If ever a place could withstand

This is that nation.


Meltdown of reactors

No time to react

Rally round Japan

Now it’s time to act.


Spirits are still high

As buildings still stand tall

A tragedy of epic proportions

Yet the spirit will not fall.


Time to rebuild

The path back…a long one

Have faith the wounds will heal

In the land of the rising sun.

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Remembering Katrina

True colours shown

When the levees broke

The truth remained unknown

When the levees broke

Racism evident

When the levees broke

Classism prevalent

When the levees broke

Blacks left to die

When the levees broke

The poor asking why

When the levees broke

No response for days

When the levees broke

Death in so many ways

When the levees broke

Not socially significant

When the levees broke

The Government indifferent

When the levees broke

Press conference on Iraq

When the levees broke

What of the poor and black

When the levees broke

Left alone to their fates

When the levees broke

Dispersed across the States

When the levees broke

Disregard displayed

When the levees broke

Reminded of slave trade

When the levees broke

The conditions inhumane

When the levees broke

Couldn’t imagine the pain

When the levees broke

The dead left in the street

When the levees broke

Searching for food to eat

When the levees broke

Not much choice was left

When the levees broke

Branded looting and theft

When the levees broke

Rage, despair, sorrow

When the levees broke

Praying for tomorrow

When the levees broke

What justice did they get?

When the levees broke

We will never forget

When the levees broke

My story never ending

Mr words never pretending

My poetry…my experiences

To each other are lending


I would like to nominate nochipa

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